Do you really think this business is a hobby and if so, you are in trouble!

Keep reading to learn why it is not a hobby and an actual business…

Network marketing business is not a hobby it is a business like other traditional business and if you are not serious about your business you will find yourself struggling to earn money in it like most of the networkers do.

Network marketing business demands efforts and dedication like other traditional businesses out there but it has been seen so often that people don’t take it seriously and fails.

So how come this is same as other traditional business out there?

Frankly speaking, although the business models are same where you have to sell product to earn money but network marketing business has more benefits then the traditional business and the main difference I see is that we get paid more money then a normal business.

Let’s see few of the benefits of having your own network marketing business…

  1. Low startup cost
  2. No overhead expenses (if you don’t want)
  3. Virtual and Physical Products
  4. Easy to deliver (headache of a company)
  5. No big offices required
  6. No sales team required
  7. A Free Business Nation
  8. Infinite Earning Potential
  9. No Qualification Required
  10. No Age Bar

Traditional businesses are always tied into various boundaries and you are limited to one area within your reach and if you want to increase your reach in traditional business, you need to spend millions of dollars, which is not feasibly for an average human.

So there are number of benefits I can show you but the point made clear.

People, who treat it as a hobby, will never gain success as compare to people who treat this business as business and treating it as a hobby is also one of the reasons of failure.

This is your business and here you are responsible for your success and failures. You need to treat yourself as a managing director in your business and you should stop working like a sales rep. pitching your business opportunity in front of everyone…

One can never put their 100% while treating this business as hobby and it will never give the results they desire.

Earning money online via network / affiliate marketing can never be a hobby, it is a pure business.

You will start putting your 100%, the day you start feeling that this is the business you were looking for. Network marketing business is not for people who read E for “EXCUSE”, this is a business for people who read E for “EFFORTS”… period.

I feel very much irritated when I see people who join network marketing business and quit very soon and make lame excuses for their failures. Either they blame their sponsor or the company, never realizing that the success comes with right attitude and right approach to this business.

This is not strange that in a same business where few people are breaking records, others are breaking themselves and the reason is simple… the ones who are breaking records are the ones who treat this business as business and work differently… Their approach to this business is different.

And if you have put your 100% into this business but still didn’t get success then you need to find the mistakes you made in the past and try to improvise and never stop learning and you will see success for sure.


With you in your journey,
Shaishav Sood

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