Do you remember the story “The Grapes are Sour”? Don’t remember! Let me take you to your childhood days.

Once upon a time, a hungry Fox was roaming here and there in search of food. He was very hungry and because of hunger, he was feeling very tired and weak. While roaming, he reached in a garden where bunches of grapes were hanging on the vine. It looked like the Grapes were filled with juice.

Without wasting much time, the Fox tried to reach bunches of Grapes by jumping as high as he could. He failed on his first attempt, he again jumped high to reach to the Grapes but he failed to reach them.

He gave up soon, without trying much and walked away and instead accepting his failure, he remarked, “Though the grapes looked juicy but now I know the Grapes are sour”

The same is the mentality of people around us. Normally people hate things; they can’t get and walk away without accepting failures or trying different strategies.

When we jump into any home based business or join any online MLM company, we see money as Grapes filled with juice. Our mouth gets filled with water and we quickly join the business but soon we realize that we can not reach to that money. We simply think that the business is not good for us and walk away to find another “Best” business.

Do we ever think, what is wrong with the business? Why can’t we earn money, when others are earning. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with the business if the opportunity you are working with is real and legal. The problem is not in MLM but in MLM sponsoring. The problem is not in MLM system but the problem is lack of MLM training.

Success in MLM doesn’t come from the business we join; it comes from the effort we put in that business.

Truly speaking, I see only one reason people jump from one program to another is because the lack of marketing knowledge. 99% Network Marketer don’t do it right because they don’t know how to market. People don’t know how to generate MLM leads or how to sponsor people in any MLM business and when they see they are not getting any member in their opportunity, they tend to think that the opportunity they are working is not for them and try to find another.

Jump from one business to another only if you are not comfortable with your current MLM opportunity. Please don’t take the statement the wrong way. If you are stuck in second rate business, then by all means choose the better one where you get all kind of MLM training.

Don’t be a Fox in Network Marketing. To win in it, think like a leader and behave like a leader and learn the ways to market your product and business.

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