Today, I just want to share some of the tips required to setup before promoting your business out there in the market. Most of the people don’t understand the power of organizing their campaigns and start promoting without collecting the tools required and the results are disastrous.

Let’s assume that you have joined a business and now you have to promote it online using different techniques or methods. The first thing we need is a lead capture page.

The lead capture page is a page where we place auto responder code to capture the details of your visitor..

Something like this …

It is well said that “Money is in the list” and this is true. If you don’t have list of active subscribers, it will be hard for you to survive in the market and to create a list of subscribers, you need to have a lead capture page.

As a new entrepreneur, you have lot of things to learn and the one is Email Marketing. Building your list online can be very effective way of promoting your business. You need the following tools to create a lead capture page and to setup your Auto Responder..

If you dont know, Auto Responder is a tool to store the name and email id of the visitor of your website, so that you can follow them with a series of emails to convert them into sales.

  1. Auto Responder
  2. Follow up Messages
  3. HTML Editor to edit/create lead capture pages
  4. Your Video or Image (Optional)
  5. Rotator
  6. Your Personal Blog

These are the only things, mentioned above, you need to create your lead capture pages…

First setup your auto responder and if you don’t have auto responder, go get one… or you can use the one I am using and get a series of emails I use to follow up as a special thanks.

Add atleast 10 followup messages in your auto responder, You can also add more follow-up emails later but start with 10 atleast and make sure that you grab attention of your subscribers by using different and attentative subject lines. Your end goal is to make your subscriber click on the message they receive from you and join you in your business.

Your follow up message should be informative and not just a plan sales mail. This internet thing is full of information and you can grab whatever you want by little bit of search or using some system where you get all the information easily.

If you are not good in writing or don’t know what to put in your auto responder follow up messages then don’t worry, this tip will help you…

TIP: Write one blog post regarding your business opportunity or whatever you are promoting and send the link to your subscribers with 5-6 lines of text.

This way you can “kill two birds with one bow”. You will write one blog post and will also be able to add one follow up message into your auto responder…

I have ton’s of tips like this which I can not share in one article and that is why I have created one referral and marketing system fully loaded with with important information

on marketing any online business.

Have a look here

The second you need to learn is to use a rotator as your web site address in all the advertising places except ppc because there you can not use rotators. Now, why I am recommending rotator is simply because when you choose your advertising source (it could be a traffic exchange or safelists or article marketing or whatever it is) and place your lead capture page but after few days you realize that the lead capture page you placed in most of the advertising sources is not working and producing no results and then you decide to change your lead capture page with the new one.

Now, this will become hectic for you because you, yourself don’t know what are all the traffic sources you used to add your lead capture page and also it will be hectic to change it at all the places one by one. But if you are using rotator, you don’t need to worry about changing at all the traffic source you are using, instead change your lead capture only in your rotator and it will update all your traffic sources automatically. This is the reason I use rotator at most of my advertising sources.

TeToolBox is a good free rotator and tracker anyone can use…

You can use HTML editor to create a lead capture page but if you are not sure about html coding then ask someone to create one for you and then you can make copies of the same and edit using free html editors like NVU.

These are all the basic things you need to setup before starting your advertising.

TIP: Never promote your referral link directly at advertising places instead use lead capture pages to capture the leads.

So make sure all the tools are ready before starting your marketing campaigns…

Before closing let’s go through them again…

  1. Auto Responder
  2. Follow up Messages (at least 10 messages)
  3. Lead Capture Pages
  4. Your Image or Video to place on lead capture pages for branding purpose
  5. Rotator
  6. Your Personal Blog (at least 10 posts)

Now, you can have a perfect marketing campaign, just start collecting leads and start promoting your business…



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