Will jumping from one program to other helps..

It has been seen many a times that many people who are into MLM or any other home based business who are trying to earn money, quits very easily and keep on jumping from one program to another.

Does it help in any way? There are thousands of companies available in the market and how many companies one can join is the question one should ask form themselves. If you are jumping from one program to another, you are doing nothing but fooling yourself. Success will never come that way and if you have seen success that way, let me know, I will do the same.

It is a fact and bitter hard truth that 99% people do fail in online industry which we all know but did we ever bothered to learn why this happened and still happening since the inception of the MLM. We use to think that we are doing everything right and still we are not getting success, why?

Simple because we don’t know the game of “Chasing” right market … in fact many people don’t even know whose their target market is? We keep hitting the wrong path and pray to god everyday, “Please GOD give us some referrals today”. Why should GOD give you the referrals?

I can’t say much about others but, I have noticed that many successful marketers were failed in their first or in many cases 2nd and 3rd attempt. They didn’t get success in their first attempt. Failure was not a choice for them but that was a step towards learning and coming back with a bang.

It’s time for everyone to think out of the box. Waking up early in the morning, surfing few sites will not help anyone in a longer run. One can generate few leads or may be few can join the business but those are just opportunity hopers and not the real target market.

It is well said by Mr. Henry Ford, “”Whether You Think You Can or Can’t, You’re Right”.

You can solve the problem but only if you think you can. Think about it, do you want a title “Failure” with your name or “Successful”. The decision is yours because only you can create a difference by learning and adopting.

And if you think you can, than first thing is to build a confidence in you. Throw the fear out of your mind and ask yourself, why did you join this business?


Try to help others with your capabilities. You must be good at something and you just need to find what exactly that is? Offer values to others.

It is well said by someone, “It doesn’t matter how many people you know, what matters is how many people know you” in this business.

Today, Network Marketing is not about chasing, it is about getting chased.

Let people chase you instead you chasing them. Add fun to your passion. Teach people what you know instead of asking them to join your business.

Find the answer to the one question

Why should people, already in the business struggling or looking to join new business, join you if you have nothing to offer?

With you in your journey…
Shaishav Sood


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